EACOME is going to launch new products

2017-09-19 14:53:37 admin 50

EACOME is going to launch new products 
EACOME is going to launch new G2 conference phone, which equipped with the most advanced sound processing technology and an elegant new design. It is a high-end product. 

The parameters are as follows: 

Main function: Full-duplex hands-free conference phone 

Microphone gather range: 360 degree 4m/6m, which means the size of conference room can decide corresponding conference phone. 

Dimension of conference phone: 305*305*660mm 

Dimension of expandable microphone: ∮100 x 40mm 

Main functions: 
The hardware for this conference phone is based on Dual-Core DSP of the best performance in the same industry with the host frequency 1.4GHz that it can provide very high stability and reliability like industrial level. Powered by the improved SonicClear Ⅲ technology, it is contributing the widest band full-duplex acoustic echo cancellation of 200Hz-16KHz covering the human hearing range. 

Speaker: 200-22KHz 

Recording Function: You can listen to the recording files on the conference phone, recording time up to 550 hours and microphone gather range can reach up to 5m. 

Multi-party conversation: It allows you to conbine three connectivity technologies—analog, cellphones and USB. 

LCD display: ivory white backlight