S310 conference microphone customized for video conferencing

2017-09-19 10:33:24 eacomee 87

S310 series is conference phone /microphone designed for hardware video equipment and software video services,  communicated through USB or analog interface. Support USB, video conferencing systems, multimedia communications systems, UC unified communications platform, VPN platform, voice support. Supports LINE IN / OUT analog audio signal input and output.

Meet video conference . Conference microphone collection distance of 3 meters, suitable for 20 square meters, 10 people within the conference room. If the conference room is larger, the number of meetings is more, the number of meetings is more, S310-E model, support two extended microphone, collecting distance of 5 meters, for 20-60 square meters conference room, 15 people live meeting. If the participant also needs to meet more people or larger conference rooms, support external audio equipment such as a mixer or an external microphone system to achieve local conference sound reinforcement and enhance the microphone effect.

To solve the noise , echo in the video conference, all interfere with the meeting effect function. Full-duplex depth cancellation voicemail HD video conferencing audio, ultra-wideband voice call HD technology, microphone smart mix, dynamic noise suppression, vocal full-range 0 damage compression, dedicated high-definition high-fidelity audio system. Depth echo: full-duplex echo cancellation depth of up to 65dB or more, 500mS. Bidirectional noise compression: noise compression to 18dB.

Support online connection call of mobile phone . Can be connected with mobile phone via the 3.5mm and through the mobile network for speakerphone.